Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Leila!!

Today Leila turns 2!! It is CRAZY how quickly time flies by! At 1:35pm two years ago, our precious daughter entered the world, now she walks, talks, throws fits, gives "loves", plays, and mostly just brings joy to Ewan and I. We are very grateful to have her and look forward to the many more adventures we will share as a family.

We will be posting birthday pictures after today and her party on Saturday (which everyone is welcome to join us for- 4pm at our house). But for now...Happy Birthday Leila!!


Annie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEILA! We love you. Love, Uncle Talon and Aunt Annie

Meg said...

Tell cute little Leila Bennett said Happy Birthday. I am SO SAD we are still gone and are missing her party! I hope its so fun!