Friday, February 6, 2009

Well its been awhile. To be honest there is no valid excuse... just laziness and procrastination. But my parents have taken the camera out again and are starting to take more pics of me. I think they realized I am only two once and that its not going to get any easier with two of us running around.

Just so you know the basics of whats going on with us...

My mom is almost done with school. She will finish her online classes just before the baby is born, and will then graduate in April with a Bachelors Degree in Marriage Family Human Development. Yeah she is a good mom already but now maybe she can help my dad be a good dad. :) My mom is wonderful and she has a sneaky way of helping me and my dad become better with out telling us what to do... it is really amazing seeing her at work if you can pick up on her gorilla warfare like tactics.

My dad is still working for SunRoc as an insulation inspector. He helps people get rebates from the power and gas companies after they add insulation to their attics. He loves his job because he gets to help so many people out. Plus he gets paid too. In May dad will go back to school and study Facilities Management with a minor in Business and Spanish. He is very excited and we are excited for him.

As for me I am using the toilet when I can remember, and if I am doing pretty good if I say so myself. I even take off my pants, take off my diaper, and get up on the toilet all by myself. Also I spend alot of time hugging the baby, talking to him, snuggling him, and helping my mom when ever I can. Life is good! We are happy and greatful for all we have.

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Annie said...

Hooray for the baby that will be coming soon! We really, really, really need to get together. How are you guys?? Congrats on almost being done with school, Cait! WOOHOO!