Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey! My mommy just started teaching these really cool and FREE Grocery Smarts classes that teach people how to save HUNDREDS on their grocery bill every month!!!! The FREE Grocery Smarts website combines weekly grocery store ads with coupons from the Sunday paper to maximize your savings! It has never been so fun grocery shopping (trust me, I go all the time with my mommy and even though there's two of us kids now, she has never before enjoyed shopping as much as now because she LOVES to see how much she can save each week) So click on the link on the right to find out more!

Oh yeah, and she is teaching a FREE class at our house Thursday night at 7pm, so if you live in the Utah county area, bring a friend and come find out how to cut your grocery bill in half! Just leave us a comment with your email address and my mommy will send you all the information!

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Brett and Bree Lee said...

I'm so glad your doing this! Is it just amazing or what?!? I love that you set up another blog. So cute you are!